About Mono Marketplace

Digital Agency Co., Ltd.

Digital Agency Corporation has provided marketing and business development support services to over 400 corporate clients for nearly 25 years. We have helped many Japanese companies to achieve a comprehensive digital transformation. In addition, we have worked with many foreign companies who want to expand and accelerate their business in Japan. Today we are helping more companies to run online businesses in Japan through our Mono Marketplace.

Introduction to Mono Marketplace

With years of experience in marketing support, business development and know-how in the Japanese market, we have successfully built Mono Marketplace. Mono Marketplace is an online B2B marketplace that enables ASEAN manufacturers to run their business in the Japanese market. On the other hand, we help Japanese buyers by providing them a central point for sourcing products and services from overseas suppliers and manufacturers. Mono Marketplace is the bridge that connects ASEAN manufacturers and Japanese companies to build new business connections and opportunities.